The world of television has been undergoing a major transformation over the past few years from mass take-up of time- shifted viewing models, to on-demand programming, to the availability of video content on non-TV platforms as well as new commercialization opportunities such as Internet advertising. At the same time an everyday exponentially growing amount of programming is being made available to consumers via the Internet, setting major challenges for the television industry and undermining its business models. Broadcasters, content owners and advertisers must use every advantage at their disposal to reach underserved audiences.

Programme metadata, descriptive information about television programmes, is the key enabler to monetize content and create value, helping search, discovery and navigation of products, creation of higher user engagement experiences, accurate reporting and analytics. Metadata is an important contributor to saving time, costs and effort where productions have to re-author and output material to more distribution channels. Leading to better services and more satisfied customers. Ultimately, metadata impacts the entire media content value chain and it is as important as the actual media product itself, or put another way, metadata is a product itself.

Derrick Media is building an open, flexible and cost-efficient white-label software-as-a-service television metadata platform that supports a robust use of metadata across media organizations. Speak to us if you would like to know more.